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Where art meets watchmaking

We love watches, we love designing them, creating them and seeing them worn. We believe that a watch is no mere accessory. It’s an expression of the personality of the person who chooses it. This is why each of our watches must be out of the ordinary: items to be paraded, treasured and enjoyed.

A Superoro jewel watch is the result of a journey of research, craftsmanship and of an obsessive attention to detail.

To satisfy this passion, we carry out every step of the process: from the design to the creation of the case, from the setting of the stones to the assembling of the components and of the beating heart of the watch, its Swiss made movement.

All the creating and making is done in Vicenza, where the expertise of our master craftspeople’s hands is combined by the most advanced technology in the industry. This allows us to place no limits on the creativity of our designers and to guarantee unparalleled quality control. Not only, it also allows us to co-create each watch with you, who want a lot more than ready-to-wear luxury, and who want to add a touch of your personality to every item.

Italian creativity, Venetian soul

Rialto is the heart of Venice, its oldest district. Rialto is a symbol: of artistic perfection, identity and functionality.

This is why we chose such an evocative name for our collection of jewellery watches.

Each Rialto watch is born out of a love for the Italian goldsmithing tradition, the skill of our master craftspeople and the daring of our designers. The result is a unique watch that stands out for its unexpected lines, precious and original details combined with the perfection of the Swiss movement.

The uniqueness of our watches also involves those who, like us, want to give voice to their own style statement. This is why all Rialto watches are created to be reinterpreted by the wearer.
You can refresh your style every day with a different coloured bracelet. You can decide to put the dial into a new case or turn your Rialto into a pendant watch. And finally, you can also magically transform the frame into a precious necklace pendant.
Choosing Rialto means being part of an endless creative process. Wearing a Rialto item means making a statement of love to the timeless and eternal beauty of Venice.

Do you want to personalise a watch or create a collection for your brand?

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