Joy to live

A story of love and dedication

Our jewellery tells a story: that of a journey leading to beauty.

Beauty is a vision that we pursue every day with dedication, research and passion.
We look for it with the expert hands of our master craftspeople.
We reach out to it when we shape the metals and set the most beautiful gems.
We see it, at last, when design, technology and skilled handicraft
come together to create jewellery of everlasting elegance.

Each Superoro creation is a declaration of love to haute couture jewellery and a tribute to the unparalleled excellence of Italian craftwork.


Timeless design, infinite beauty

Elegant and contemporary jewellery, refined and exclusive craftwork, in gold, with diamonds and natural gems.
Eclectic collections to express your unique style.

Do you have a wish? We are here to make it happen


Uncompromising beauty

Choosing a Superoro creation means wearing a story that speaks of tradition, research and wisdom.

Choosing Superoro is all about making a statement of free and contemporary style, a style that engages in dialogue with the latest fashions, yet is not subject to them.

Those who choose Superoro enjoy the charm of a high fashion creation and the added benefit of a brand that creates exclusive yet affordable jewellery.
Because like art, beauty must be shared.

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